2021-22 Philadelphia Flyers Stats: What You Need to Know About Flyers This Season

Though you already know by now that I really love Philadelphia Flyers, even I have to admit that they didn’t really give their best this season. And if you have followed the NHL this season, you will know what I’m talking about: they had the worst goals-against (201(?!) misses), they were dropped from the postseason even though they had 6 more games to play etc. However, even with such bizarre issues, they still managed to win some of the games in a really great way; with more points and better gameplay.

Today I wanted to go over the 2021-22 Philadelphia Flyers stats with you, so as to see what’s happening with my favorite team and discuss the matters with you. If you have any ideas as to why they are lacking in the department of success this year, please leave a comment. Here are some of the stats and some of my ideas as to why they are the way they are this season.

First and foremost, I’d like to mention the myth about Philadelphia Flyers that always seems to follow them:

Every odd year, the Flyers seem to lose it; they are either dropped and aren’t chosen to be in the season, their division ranking lowers and they don’t seem to win any championships because of multiple reasons. Be it a myth or not – those characteristics can be seen in this season as well.

Here’s to hoping 2022 will be a better year for our Flyers!

Five injuries

Five players were out of the team for a certain period of time due to either surgeries or injuries they suffered from; while some of the injuries were disclosed (like Hart’s abdominal surgery), some of them remained undisclosed. Still, whether or not they were disclosed matters little in the terms of gameplay. With this many players being off the field, it was inevitable that the team would suffer some damage.

Not-good and not-bad results

We’ve become accustomed to the Flyers’ many points, but that unfortunately didn’t happen this season.

There were only 67 points made during this season, and it was mostly Sean Couturier who scored them. Couturier scored 9 of the 67 points, and Giroux was just behind him in the list, having scored 8 points for the team this season. To be quite honest, those two are fans’ favorites so I’m glad that they lived up to the fans’ will, I’m just sorry that some of the other promising players didn’t get to score as well.


Both Martin Jones and Carter Hart managed to get 2 wins in the total of 7 games on the field; While Jones hasn’t lost a match, Hart unfortunately lost 2 matches!

Here’s to hoping that the gameplay will improve next year!