Badminton: What Is It and Why Is It Played Indoors?

While I was coming back home from work today, I agreed on a Badminton match with a colleague of mine on Sunday – we’ve been “rivals” for almost three years now, playing one VS the other, but this time we decided to play against two other colleagues of ours, which we have never done before! While I honestly can’t wait for Sunday now, it occurred to me that some people maybe have never heard of Badminton and have no idea what kind of a sport it is; that is why, today, I wanted to introduce Badminton to all of you my lovely readers that aren’t from the US – I’m saying this because Badminton is kind of a household sport over here – in order to maybe get you to try playing it!

Without any further ado, here are some important pieces of information about one of the US’ favorite recreational sport:

What is Badminton?

As I’ve already mentioned in a few of my previous articles, badminton falls in the category of indoor sports, and I know you may wonder why it is placed in this category as all of us, probably, played Badminton on a random field near our house at least once. This is because its formal games are always held indoors because the weather conditions can seriously impact the game.

Badminton is a sport that is very similar to Tennis – they are both played with a racket, on a court that has been split in half by a net, but their main difference is the fact that there is no ball you play with in Badminton; Badminton is played with a racket and a shuttlecock!

What is a shuttlecock?  Shuttlecock is the cone-shaped object used for playing in Badminton. It usually has got a rubber head onto which either feathers or plastic is attached, which gives the shuttlecock its trademark look. (Whether you choose a shuttlecock with feathers or plastic is really up to you as the choice makes difference only for you!) Due to their construction, shuttlecocks are very lightweight making them perfect for a game of Badminton. If you’re interested in purchasing them, know that they are really cheap!

Are racket and shuttlecock the only pieces of equipment that you need in order to play Badminton?

Technically speaking, yes, you really only need a racket and a shuttlecock in order to be able to play Badminton. However, since there has been a rise in popularity of Badminton, naturally, there happen to be other pieces of equipment that are promoted to the level of “high importance for the game” – such as polo shirts, shorts, badminton shoes, wristbands, visors and netting. But honestly, you would do just as fine with just these two essential pieces of equipment.

Why is it played indoors?

I have already mentioned that the reason why it’s played indoors, when it comes to a formal, professional game, is due to the weather conditions that can impact the game.

It is mainly because of wind that these formal games are held in an enclosed venue, as wind has a great impact on shuttlecocks because they are so lightweight.

What are some of the basic rules one needs to know in order to play Badminton?

First of all, the basic rule is to get the shuttlecock to land on your opponent’s side of the court. The game is separated into three matches, and the winner is the one who reaches 21 points per match twice. Depending on your play, whether you play in singles or doubles, you will have to be either defense, offense, or both (you’re both when you play one VS one).