Indoor Sports and Betting; Is It Possible to Bet on Indoor Sports?

Whenever you talk about sports with someone, they almost always have one category of sports in mind – and it’s almost never related to indoor sports. We usually talk about football, soccer or basketball, as these sports are always on the news. But, depending on your age and location (believe it or not!) your interests can change. I myself know that hockey and skating are not that popular worldwide – some of the countries don’t even practice one or both of these sports, so I understand why there is a lack of conversation about them. When it comes to the US, you better believe we love both hockey and skating; we love playing it and what we love even more than playing these sports, is cheering for our teams.

What often goes with sport, almost hand in hand really, is betting. Chances are, that if you are into sports, you will know of someone who partakes in betting (related to their sport or team of choice). It’s so present in sports fans’ lives that nowadays there are even online betting websites that offer their services 24/7! That being said, one of the questions that I get a lot is whether or not you can bet on indoor sports; whether or not there are websites that support these sports. The short answer to that question is: yes. But I wanted to dedicate today’s article to the long answer linked with that question, in order to clarify some of these pieces of information that you may find helpful.

First and foremost, are only skating and hockey considered indoor sports?

Of course not! I chose to mention these two sports because I am really passionate about them, as you can see from my other articles. There are many other fun sports that are considered indoor sports, for example: basketball, volleyball, cricket, futsal etc. The list goes on! The reason why these sports are grouped in the category of indoor sports is because of the place they are played in. Namely, these sports are all played in an enclosed building – that is, in layman terms, indoors.

Even though indoor sports are often overlooked, know that there are many, many, betting websites you can use when it comes to betting on indoor sports.

I have to mention, however, that the US is all about hockey – so you can be sure that there are numerous websites supporting hockey teams. Almost every website will have a list of the teams playing and a list of betting odds, making it easier for you to get access to the information you need, whether it’s about a game that’s currently on, or potential odds that might work in your favor.

What about skating? Are there websites that offer betting services regarding it?

Yes, there are websites that you can use for betting on skating, but there are not that many as of right now.

Usually, the majority of the world tunes in to skating during the winter Olympic games, or during winter sports festivals, so it’s during that season that you will most likely stumble upon websites that offer betting on skating.

My advice for you would be…

To do your own research about websites you will be using. Inform yourselves about the teams you’re rooting for, the underdogs, and the odds in general. Good luck with your endeavors!