4 Most Popular Indoor Sports

When people think of sports they usually think of football, basketball, or tennis. But there is a whole other world of indoor sports that includes some of the most fun sports, in my opinion, which are not only great for entertainment, but also for your health and body. In this article, I will list some of my favorite indoor sports, tell you more about them, and hopefully inspire you to pick up some of them in your spare time. Enjoy! 


Bowling is already a well-known sport that many people like to practice in their free time, usually with their friends during a night out.

The goal is pretty simple – roll the ball and knock down as many pins as you can. The game is especially fun if you have enough people so that you can divide into two teams and bring in a bit of healthy competition into the mix. As I have already mentioned, people usually choose bowling as a fun after-work activity, so it is great for having some fun, relaxing, and de-stressing from every day worries. It is also good for people of all ages and it is pretty easy to learn. 


Kabaddi is such an interesting sport! I heard about it several years ago but wasn’t able to play since not many people know about it and you need two teams of 7 people. Nowadays it is getting more and more popular and I have managed to find people with similar interests to mine and now I am able to enjoy playing this sport a few times a month. It is a contact sport and it works your whole body so it is an amazing exercise as well. The goal is to get to your opponent’s side of the court and tag as many of them as you can without being tackled and then return to your side. There are different roles for all of the players so in a way it is also a strategy game, which is amazing for your mind. 


Movies and TV shows would make you think that squash is a sport played only by middle-aged men who use it as a way to sign a deal with another firm or test their new coworkers. However, squash can be played by anyone – you can even play it alone if you prefer it that way. Not only that but it is way more fun than depicted on TV, so I would urge you to try it if you get a chance. It is also an amazing workout and it burns a lot of calories. 

Table tennis

This is another sport that you can try with your friends in your free time and see who is better. Now, the difficulty of the game depends solely on the players – if you are a beginner the game is going to be very easy. However, as you progress and your skills get better you will be able to play faster and more advanced. If you are interested in how a game of table tennis looks when it is played by professional players, just look it up on YouTube and you will be amazed.