Bobby Clarke: What You Need To Know About This Amazing Flyers’ Member

Today I wanted to discuss the man, the myth, the legend of the Philadelphia Flyers: Bobby Clarke. If you are a fan of hockey, not necessarily Philadelphia Flyers even, chances are you will know who Bobby Clarke is; it’s simple, the man is a living legend, a miracle of the Flyers.

So who is Bobby Clarke?

Bobby Clarke was Philadelphia Flyers’ center-player during his entire career as an active hockey player. He joined the Flyers in 1969 and had played and led the team into many wins and battles for the next 15 years. He is still on team with the Flyers just not actively – he is their executive, rightfully so!

Why is he important?

There are many reasons as to why Clarke is important. First and foremost, he is considered one of the best hockey players and captains of all time!

It was under his leadership that the Flyers obtained not only one, but two Stanley Cups, which made them rise in the eyes of the hockey specialists and the audience alike! It’s in the way he played that he brought something new to the game – be it the way he scored some points or the way in which he handled risky situations – and that is why he is still deemed the best of the best when it comes to hockey. Take for instance his scoring; he is one of the rare hockey players that had three 100-point seasons!

Was he always good at hockey?

I think we can safely say that he was always good at it; he began playing hockey when he was only 8 years old! His career didn’t start with the Flyers, it was the Bombers he was playing with when he was a junior. He was leading them in the junior league for three years which really made scouts go on a lookout for him!

How did he join the Philadelphia Flyers?

He joined the Flyers after he was scouted at one of the Bombes’ games. Somehow, interestingly enough, he was allowed to stay on the team even though he discovered he had diabetes, and after the Flyers’ scout watched him play with the Bombers, he drafted him for the Flyers! The reason why this is important is because usually the players who have any sort of an obstacle and issues when it comes to their health are discarded, both for their own safety and the team’s safety.

When did he become a captain of the Flyers?

Believe it or not, he became the captain of the Flyers at the age of 23 – and that’s when he became the youngest captain ever in the history of the NHL (up to then, of course). He was chosen as a leader after his incredible gameplay that the audience and the team witnessed after only a few months of him being in the team.

Does he still play hockey?

He doesn’t play it publicly that much anymore, due to the fact that he’s 72 years old. The last time he appeared on the field after his retirement was in 2017 when the Flyers celebrated their 50th anniversary!